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Hidden Light "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover"

Mark Twain

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Lost Photons - Hide and Seek

Hidden infrastructure fascinates me, it’s the unseen cogs that drives the world around us, but to most people bobbing along through life, it goes completely unnoticed, and even when noticed, ignored.

Lost Photons - Acoustic Terrors

Tired and sore footed, I emptied my shoes and socks of sand from Checkmate, while we looked at the high tide coming into Batcave, making our entry there impossible. We decided to have a look at a few places close by, then head for a Dsanktuary entrance in the hopes tide would not foil us there also.

Lost Photons - Checkmate Hiking

I had always wanted to have a look in Checkmate or Woolongabba Darkie as some call it. I had see old YouTube clips, strange carpark installations and read online about it from my first burgeoning interest in exploring underground. Aydun had suggested we go there first on what we had both hoped would be a long and prosperous night of multiple drain explores. Turns out Checkmate had more to offer than we had bargained for.

Internet Draining


It’s always interesting meeting someone from the net for the first time, you never know what they are going to be like, and when you plan on going underground into a dark hole with them the first time you meet, it sort of gives you pause for thought.

"btw, sry im blowing up your reblogs, everything is just so good and what i live by everyday"

Asked by thattallgirlaj-deactivated20130

Go for your life! 

Nice to know someone gets all the detritus I plop on here :)

"when you explore, do you go by yourself or take a friend?"

Asked by thattallgirlaj-deactivated20130

About half and half :) its kinda hard to find people that are interested in going into old stormwater systems and abandoned building etc ;)

That said, some people once you show them totally get it, but most times the folks are just left more baffled than before.

Having friends along is great, it feels like the level of anxiety is parceled out amoungst everyone in attendance, so it’s a lot more light hearted :) plus it’s great to be able to appreciate these things with like minded souls.

Going by yourself, I find is really a battle, me vs paranoia, but when you win, it’s all the sweeter and rewarding.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Write up, of an old exploration of some abandoned shops in my local area

Sweet Dreams

Thanks Paul :) that’s Super kind!
Yeah, figured I may as well write some of the crap up :) It fills in some of the blanks when your photography doesn’t quite do justice to “every pictures worth a 1000 words” ;)

Thanks Paul :) that’s Super kind!

Yeah, figured I may as well write some of the crap up :) It fills in some of the blanks when your photography doesn’t quite do justice to “every pictures worth a 1000 words” ;)

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Power Drain

My First Drain :)

Green Key

Aquacave at last!

Finally got to go see Aquacave, so figured may as well write it up on a blog….


"i know where that Rapunzel, Rapunze shot is suprising how easy it is to get in , i need to go back and get some beter shots"

Asked by shouldbesleeping1

Yeah pretty easy :) hopefully it hasn’t changed lately! I wanted to take a friend in there, but we tried on a Friday night and it was no good as there is a bouncer and lots of people only feet away :(

"its pretty cracking to be honest. For such a small compact camera, it can definitely deliver the goods. Ive just got my hands on an adapter for it so i can use my old OM film lenses on it too, it looks dslr quality, but it fits in your pocket. Cant say no!"

Asked by createdvoidd-deactivated2013092

Ended up getting a lumux lx-5 :) also rather pocketable! Love the 24mm Leica on it, nice and bright.

Cheers, John

"Hi Jeff, I really like you Rapunzel, Rapunzel shot. Great work. Do you mind sharing with me the location of the building? I am a light painting photographer and always on the lookout for new locations..."

Asked by lightpainterbrisbane-deactivate

Thanks man :) much appreciated.

I just checked and it is still around surprisingly! I won’t tell you exactly where, but just have a look round the CBD and surrounds, it is not exactly hidden :)

Cheers, John.

Awww :) too kind!

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